Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

For english-speakers...

This post will only be for those who are english-speakers.

LouAnne from California sent me an email and asked me,
  1. what the theme of the BoM is. You can read it here.
  2. if it would be possible to translate the phrases of the month.
As already told in my other blog you´re all welcome to sew and stitch with me/us. I will try to translate the phrases every month, please have mercy with me and my school English!
For this month, the phrase means (I got a little help from a native speaker, Helen. Thank you so much, my dear!):

When God made the earth, he gave the clock to the Europeans, but the time to the Africans.

I would be very proud, if you would send me pictures of the stitched blocks. I will upload them to my blog with your name.

Have fun stitching with me and send me an email if you have further questions!

Hugs, Lara

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