Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

Und wieder zwei...

... kommen per Mail an.

Hier seht ihr von Karin aus Österreich den 2. Block:

Und Andrea schickt einen ganz bunten Schriftzug:

Alle beide wieder ganz toll! Danke für´s Schicken! Ich freu mich schon auf Teil 3!!! ;-)


  1. Hello Lara
    I sent the words to some German speaking, English friends of mine and they came up with the following translations for me. They are all more fluent English and I think have the meaning you want. One of them said "The word play is that the phrase 'ihm auf den Wecker geht' is a colloquial way to say something annoys him or bugs him, but the literal meaning is to set an alarm clock."

    The phrases they offered were:
    He, who lives by the clock, can expect that as time passes his life will drive him up the wall.

    Ultimately, alway being punctual will drive you crazy.

    He who lives by the clock will die by the clock.

    He who lives by the clock will die by the alarm.

    Do you understand any of these as being good translations for what you have said in German?

    I only found this BOM yesterday, but I love the first month especially. Thank you for your work.

  2. Hello Jacquie!

    I think your friends are all great!
    Yes, the first translation and the last one seem to fit the best way. In English you can´t understand the translation "to go on so. clock" (this it would be word by word), but the meaning is:
    Life will annoy you so much, when you always live by the clock, because only a spontaneous life will be worth living! And aren´t we all spontaeous with our fabrics and patchwork and quilting?
    I (in person) could never live an annoying life... I always need spontaeity and fun!

    So have fun and feel free in translating the phrase... do it your way! Hugs, Lara